School Events

Term One

Picnic Day

Our school year starts off with Picnic Day which is an opportunity to mix and mingle with other families. It is also the venue for our School Swimming Sports and Y 5 & 6 Cup Race which is hotly contested over 50 metres.


Inter-school Swimming Sports

South East Hamilton Country School Swimming Sports

South East Hamilton Primary Schools Swimming Sports

Junior Tabloids

Every year the Junior Students have a wonderful day out at Tamahere School participating at the Junior Tabloid Sports Day. The children rotate amongst various activities that cater for all sorts of physical challenges with the emphasis being enjoyment.

Junior Tabloid sports at Tamahere

Marae Trip to Waimakariri Marae

The entire school visited Waimakariri Marae early in Term 2 and we were honoured to be welcomed on with a powhiri and to then be offered an abundance of kai. The students, staff and families alike were fascinated to learn more about the history of Waimakariri from the kaumatua of the marae - we could have asked questions all day! The students then engaged in workshops in weaving, sketching, myths and legends, traditional games and rakau.

Waimakariri Marae are amazing hosts and we always feel so welcome. Thank you to all those at Waimakariri who make these visits possible.

National Young Leaders Day

Organised by Mrs Cook, the Envirogroup and Leaders from Year 4 - 6 are invited to attend.

Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic deliver a range of their wonderful books for the children, parents and grandparents to selelct and a percentage of the profit is available to be spent on books for our school library. During this week we have a whole school focus on reading and our love of books. Each day in our houses the children participate in Buddy Reading, the teachers swap classes and read their favourite books and we all choose a book or poem to perform a play or show some art or recite a poem.

Grandparents Day

Our Book Fair week culminates in an invitation to all our parents and grandparents to visit the school for the morning. This year the whole school sang some of our signature tunes, Room 4 recited Lewis Carroll's poem 'The Jabberwocky' and Room 2 performed a flash mob, "Gotta Keep Reading" using Black Eyed Peas - Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night in response to their research into how books inspire music. The parents and grandparents were then invited to visit each classroom to see their grandchildren's work, art displays and to meet the teachers. The children accompany their grandparents to our Scholastic Book Fair to choose a book if they are very very good and lucky. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to school, we love meeting you all.

National Fieldays School Tractor Pull

This was a new event for Tauwhare School in 2018, the team of 20 children practised on our back field with Miss Ross and Mrs Brown pulling 4-5 tonne tractors on loan from our farming families.

Our heat took place at Tamahere School and we won! so straight to the Fieldays and the final. It was so exciting.

After more intensive practise the team competed against Te Kuiti, Gordonton and Te Awamutu. We tied with Te Awamutu pulling the 2.5 tonne tractor in 17.5 seconds so a pull-off was organised with the addition of 2 adults pulling the 5 tonne tractor. Unfortunately Te Awamutu won by 2 seconds. This was an amazing event to compete in and won the school $750 to go towards our Y 5 & 6 school camp.


School Discos are held in Term 2 & 3 to raise money for our Year 5 & 6 School Camp. Our disco in Term 2 was an Underwater Theme and saw children arrive as Kina, Rays, Spongebob, jellyfish, scuba divers and mermaids. Glenn Robinson is our DJ and the children have a wonderful time dancing with their friends. Our disco in Term 3 was a Weird and Wacky theme which was well attended by some very weird and wacky people.

School Trip to Whakarewarewa Living Village in Rotorua

As part of our citizenship and cultural heritage topic of learning and as a complement to our trip to Waimakariri Marae in Tauwhare we visited Rotorua to enhance their lives for cooking, heating and bathing. We were honoured to be invited up on stage to perform with the Kapahaka group to sing Tutira Mai Nga Iwi.

Matariki Celebrations

After a whole term of studying Matariki, reading a range of Maori legends, looking at the stars and performng plays we celebrated Matariki on Friday 29 June. Each room performed an item around the legend they had been learning. Each class had also been designing and creating a star as part of our Matariki Art installation which was revealed at our Celebration Day and hung in the Multi-Purpose Room. Each class used a different medium to express their understanding of Matariki.

The Kapa Haka group are honoured to have been invited to attend and perform at two different festivals this year - Te Tai Ohina Maro to be held at Hillcrest High School on Friday 31 August, and then at the Matamata-Piako Cultural Festival to be held at Morrinsville Intermediate on Thursday 6th September.

Maths Roadshow

World of Maths comes to school for one day each year with a range of equipment and problems for the students to solve in groups. All of the contexts are authentic and the children extend their mathematical thinking while having a lot of fun.

Cricket Awareness

Two professional cricket players came to teach the children some skills and some fast fun games to encourage them to play cricket. the childrne learned to bat, catch and field then played a fast two batter game to consolidate the hitting, batting and fielding skills as the fielders were not allowed to run with the ball, they had to throw to another fielder.

Wearable Arts Show

The teachers and children have been working all term on our wearable arts using a variety of art techniques culminating in our show on thursday afternoon. Each room was different from Room 7 with their masks, Rooms 5 & 6 in their African costumes, Room 4 as chinese dragons from our Inner Mongolia study, Rooms 1 & 3 Trash to Fashion and Room 2 Kiwiana fashion. It was a visual feast for all and the kids had a ball. There was s lot of group learning this term, co-operating, listening, compromise and relating to others.

John Parsons

Talk to the children on keeping safe online - this was an excellent talk to the Y3-6 students all about their identity online and the importance of parents being in control of use of devices to keep children safe in an online world. He gave some very strong messages to the children on being a good citizen on or off line.

Hiwi the Kiwi - fishing for the future

The Minstrel and Mrs Minstrel came back again to spend a lovely morning with the students teaching them all about the rules of fishing and how to ensure that there will be fish in our seas in the future. He also covered safety at sea, using life jackets etc. He has a wonderful show which gives his message through song and humour.

Envirogroup planting at the Badger’s Farm

Mrs Cook took the envirogroup to the Badger’s farm to help plant the native trees. This was the first time that Mr Badger had seen our kids plant and he was very impressed and will ask our help again next year.

Olympic Ambassador Visits.

We have had two Olympic Ambassadors visit this year, in Term 2 we were priviledged to listen to Genevieve (Gen) Behrent, the Olympic Rower and in Term Sara Cowley, the pentathlete visited the school and spoke to the children giving them inspiring trips into the world of being an Olympic Athlete. Both Ambassadors inspired the children to achieve and to keep trying even when the going gets tough.

The Year 6 organisers of this Year's Tauwhare's Got Talent did an excellent job encouraging so many children to perform on stage. Some individuals sang solos, some groups danced, we had two magic shows and an original play. The children are so talented and brave to get up on stage in front of the whole school and parents to show their talents.

Room 1 Fun Gala

was organised as part of the children's learning around financial literacy. They designed their businesses, their products, posters to advertise, bought their supplies and made their stall. Miss Ross had organised for prizes for the Best Business and the business which made the Most Profit. Everyone had a fun afternoon getting their hair styles, shooting baskets, kicking soccer goals, slurping on ice cream spiders, buying bracelets (pet ones as well) and more. This was a fundraiser for our Y5 & 6 camp.

Zerowaste Education

X Man (Paul) has returned to teach the children all about Rubbish, Reusing (upcycling) and making Compost.

LIFE Education Trust Caravan

Nicky and Harold have returned on their two yearly cycle with a new upspec van and programmes to help the children deal with all sorts of issues. We requested programmes which would help the children with their mindfulness, playground incidents, friendships. All of the children have responded very well to Nicky and Harold.

Agricultural Day (Calf Club) 2018

Unfortunately this year due to Microplasma Bovis our Calf club was held with only lambs and kids. The other students who did not have an animal participated in Flower Show activities designing and making sand saucers and vegetable creations. It was a wonderful rural day for everyone.

Have a look at our photos here.

St John's First Aid Course - sponsored by the ASB

Michelle from St John's visited our school to teach all the children first aid skills appropriate to their age. This is a great opportunity for all the children to upskill in case they ever have to save anyone.

Year 5 & 6 Speech Contest

Each year the Year 5 & 6 students write a speech on a topic of interest or passion and deliver it to their class. If they are successful they will be chosen to present to the senior school in the semi-finals and from their our top 8-10 students present to the whole school and parents in the finals. The winners of the School Speech Contest will represent the school in the Country Cluster Speech Contest.

Year 5 & 6 Camp

12 - 16 November 2018

We have had the first camp meeting with parents and the information is available on the link below. Miss Ross, Mrs G and Mrs McLeay with support from Ms Quinn will be organising camp. If you have any questions please contact one of the teachers.

Peter Snell Youth Village photos - click on the link to see the photos of camp - what an amazing bunch of children making the most of the terrible weather and the camp activities.

Camp Information Evening Wednesday 7 March