Kia ora all, I am Becks. I have the great pleasure to be the Room Six teacher. Thank you for the warm and friendly welcome back to Tauwhare school and community. I am excited to be teaching back where it all began for my teaching journey. Room six is a lively bunch of year 2 students who have been welcoming and amazing. I look forward to having a fun and celebrate their success this year with them. Please if you have any questions come in and visit.

Calf Club day and the Flower Show.

What a fantastic day for all of the students. The students had a great time creating their sand saucers. We have some creative artists in our class. Well done to all the winners :) Below are a few photos of what we got up too.

Sylvie entere her lamb into calf club day (Cotton was her name) Sylvie and Cotton walked away with three trophies and lots of ribbons. It is a huge responsibility to have a lamb with daily interactions and feedings. Huge congratulations, looking forward to seeing how they get on at Group day this week.

Principal for the Day!

Liam was fantastic as principal for the day! Room 6 were lucky to have a visit from the kid principal. Liam talked with the kids, helped them with their work, offered support and feedback on their work, he even had some beautiful principal stickers that the kids were lucky enough to get. Room 6 may have asked for a bouncy castle and monster trucks, he said we needed to ask another day! It was worth the try.

ZERO WASTE.... ' X' girl visited Room 6 today, she shared valuable information with us on how we can make our lunch boxes rubbish free, from using beeswax wraps and reusable containers it was great to see some of the students already using these items. The students have a goal for tomorrow to reduce their rubbish in their lunches. We were amazed with how many landfills there are in New Zealand and that NZ creates 30 stories of rubbish every month in rubbish! We have made great changes in Room 6 with just recycling our paper and only sending away half a rubbish bin to the landfill. Next terms goal is to send none!

Ruben The Road Safety Bear.

On the 13.09.2019, Tauwhare School were lucky to have a visit from Ruben the road safety bear. The Junior school thoroughly enjoyed his visit and took away some very important messages to keep ourselves safe when near the road. With summer coming up and being outdoors this was a well timed visit. Here are a few of the different messages that we learnt..


Firewise: The junior school were lucky to have a great session with Jason the fireman. The students had a great time having ago at getting out of the classroom as they would if there was a fire. We had been having a lot of conversations around what was a toy and what was a tool (eg matches etc) and what we should do if we find these around. The students were fantastic and very practical with their responses. Great work Room 6.



Happy Fathers Day to all of our dads! The students in Room 6 had a lovely time making their dad's a short video which was sent to them on Sunday. Such lovely feedback from the parents about the videos. What a moment to treasure. See our video of all the students.

Cross Country: Room 6 had a great time at cross country and with all of the hard training that they did prior to the big event they did so well. I am so proud of them all. Students were told at the beginning of the term that if they train as if it was the race they will succeed. Well done to all of the runners.

6 Year Old Boys

1st Ezra

2nd Joe

3rd Kyle (Room 7)

6 Year Old Girls

1st Laura.S (Room 7)

2nd Lacey

3rd Sylvie

7 Year old girls


2nd Maia


Week 5: We have been learning and exploring "Lions" this past week, the students all wrote fantastic stories and reports about Lions. Room 6 has been working on publishing their own work and here are a few of them. Above, Joe created a fantastic lion using shapes and no prompts. Well done Joe.

The BIG king of the Jungle.

Lions can jump high. Lions can hunt for their dinner. Lions hunt zebras. Did you know that lions are the strongest animal in the world? Did you know that lions are the king of the jungle. They have got strong and spikey teeth to help them eat their food. Lions like all kinds of meat. They like to eat people, so watch out.

By Tika.

Week Three/ Term 3

We had a very busy week in Room 6. We have been learning about similes and taking what we learnt with Julia (Digital Technology) to create an animation for our stories.

Check out some of our similes:

The baby lamb is jumping like a deer. The baby lamb is as playful as a little brother: Liam O.

The elephant has big ears too, its ears are as big as car tires. - Sylive.

The baby lamb is like a hungry bear eating fresh green grass- Ivan.

All About Me

Although we are just little people, we are going to grow up some day. Come on a journey with us to see who we are and who we would like to become when we grow up....

Google Drive : All about me

We have discovered lots of interesting things about who we are and what we like to do.

Harvesting the Veggie Garden

Room 5 invited Room 6 to have a day of harvesting and cooking some produce from our own Veggie Garden at school. We harvested corn, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, capsicum and spring onions. Take a look at our yummy corn chowder and Courgette slice.

Whale Bay - Rocky Shore visit

This year we had the privilege to visit Whale bay in Raglan and learn all about the wonderful sea creatures that live in Rock pools in New Zealand waters. From Purple Rock Crabs to Sea Stars and Neptune's Necklace... we discovered a world of wonders and our excitement was uncontainable. Back at school the students in Room 6 created their own Rock Pool and used air dry clay to form many interesting rock critters.


Monarch Butterflies

During the first few weeks of the year, we had lots of Monarch Butterfly activity in Room 6. Kind parents donated some Swan plants and little did we know that there were little Caterpillars already eating away at the juicy leaves. Very soon we had about 30 caterpillars munching away at the Swan Plants until there were only twigs left. The children had a wonderful opportunity to see the whole lifecycle in action and the newly hatched butterflies were welcomed every morning with great excitement.

Google Drive : Learning and experiences around butterflies

Monarch Butterflies Wall display

Rainbow colours

We were inspired by the many rainbows we see outside at this time of year and in our writing we used similes to describe the beautiful colours of the rainbow.

Google Drive : Rainbow art and writing

Shared Book : I am a Smarty Pants by Joy Cowley

Room 7 came for a visit on "Step In day" and we enjoyed sharing the wonderful creativity of author Joy Cowley. Take a look at our art and explanations on why we are so "SMART"!

Google Drive : I am a smarty pants

Statistical Investigations

Part of our Mathematics this term included doing some Statistical Investigations. We discovered that we can group the same objects together, count how many we have of a specific object and also create a Tally chart to show our findings. Our graphs included pictographs and bar graphs.

Google Drive : Statistics

Pink Day at Tauwhare School

Room 6 had a wonderful day supporting the"Anti Bullying" campaign. We dressed up all in pink, made some flags with positive logos on them and participated in our very own parade.

Google Drive : Pink Day

Celebrating Matariki

Room 6 has been very busy exploring with different colours of food colouring. We have read the story of Matariki and learnt how Tangotango and Wainui had to make a plan to settle their daughters who were annoying the other starts by whizzing and swooshing around them.

Google Drive : Matariki Artwork showing the 7 stars of Matariki

Room 6 has studied different legends and myths around Maui. The students created Cartoon strips and artwork around "How Maui slowed the sun."

Google Drive : How Maui slowed the sun

On Friday 29th June 2018, Tauwhare School celebrated Matariki by performing to our whanau and friends of our school showcasing our learning around Matariki.

Google Drive : Matariki celebration : Whole school Performance

Seesaw_14-08-2018 01:09:42.mp4

Talking Robots

Room 6 has been learning all about shapes during our Geometry Unit. We had heaps of fun finding shapes in the world around aus and decided to create these colourful talking robots using our Chatterpix App on the i-pads. Take a look...

Google Drive : Talking Robots

Google Drive : Shape creations

Ruben the Road safety Bear

We have learnt how to cross the road safely at the pedestrian crossing.

Holding hands with an adult is always a good safe way to cross the road.

Wear bright colours and make your seatbelt click!

Wearable Arts Parade 2018

Throughout Term 3 Room 5 and 6 have been engaging in cultural studies around two Ethnic tribes from Africa. The Masai that live in Kenya and Tanzania as well as the Zulus that live in South-Africa. As part of their learning the girls did some cross stitch and bead work and created beautiful neckpieces, headbands and bracelets. The boys did cross stitch on their leg flaps and made shields along with head bands. We celebrated as a whole school by participating in a Wearable Arts parade that was enjoyed by all.

Google Drive : Wearable Arts 2018

Flower arrangements and Veggie creations

During Calf Club Day this year all the non-participating students created flower arrangements and Veggie"animals". What a fun filled morning. Everybody jumped in and brought some flowers from their own gardens and there was no shortage of colour and fragrances in the air. The judges surely had their work cut out for them! Take a look

Google Drive : Flower arrangements


Matua Paul (X-man) came to teach us all about recycling. We had lots of fun playing with all the puppets and games created out of recycled materials. Take a look

Google Drive : X- Man