The key to providing quality education is by having experienced, competent and effective staff.

Principal: Ms Fiona Bradley

Deputy Principal: Ms Sharon Quinn Yr 4 (Room 4)

Assistant Principal: Mrs Linda Cook Yr 3 (Room 5)


Room 1 - Miss Awhina Ross, Yr 6

Room 2 - Mrs Kirsty Gilroy Yr 5/6 (SENCO & Hillcrest Kahui Ako Across Schools Leader)

Room 3 - Mrs Ellie McLeay Yr 4/5

Room 4 - Miss Kylee McCambridge Yr 4

Room 6 - Mrs Elrika Keyser Yrs 1 & 2

Room 7 - Mrs Emma Elliot Yr 0/1

Reading Recovery - Ms Philippa Melton (AP release teacher in Room 5)

Release Teacher - Mrs Leona Robinson (ASL release in Room 2, PRT release in Room 3 and CRT release)

Secretary: Mrs Paula Brown

Teacher Aides: Ms Julie Mitchell, Mrs Maureen Vink, Mrs Joanne Pickett,

Cleaner: Miss Heather Bargh

Caretaker: Mr Glyn Doughty