Brushing our Teeth

Lucy Modelling

Jessie Modelling

On Monday the 1st of April, Room 1 had 'forgotten' how to brush their teeth. It was Room 7's mission to write instructions on how to brush our teeth. Lucy modeled the instructions to Room 7, which was successful and then after we had written our instructions we went to Room 1 and read them aloud to the senior children to see if they could follow the instructions to brush their teeth. Jessie was the senior model and she also successfully brushed her teeth using our instructions.

See below the photos of this process

Brushing our teeth

Happy Lucy


Big grin Kyle


Sarah has little chickens at her house and she very kindly brought them in so that everyone could have a hold. They were so soft. The children were very gentle and nurturing to the chickens.

See the link below to check if your child had a hold.

Chicken Photos

Rainbow Science

What order should we put our Rainbow bottles in to make a rainbow effect?

"Wow! there is a Rainbow in our sink!"


'Tip out' ' Light'

'Fill up' 'Dark'

We took turns to add a colour to the little glass bottle. We had to discuss how much we would add and what the amount did to the shade and density in the bottle. If we had too much, we needed to tip some out and if there wasn't enough colour we had to add some more.

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Rainbow Science

Rocky Shore Trip

On the 28th of February the whole of Tauwhare school, traveled by bus, out to Raglan. We went to Whale bay and looked at the sea creatures that were nestled in and around the rocks.

We found Star fish, Crabs of all sizes and colours, Sea Weed and lots of other sea creatures.

It was such an enjoyable day and the children gained a lot from this experience.

Please click on the Link to see other photos of the trip.

Rocky Shore Photos


Calendar Art - Our families

Mrs Pickett worked alongside the children to produce stunning drawings of families along with handprints. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Calendar Art