Welcome to Room 7

Kia Ora and welcome to Room 7! My name is Liz Brown and I will be teaching Yr 0/1 this year.

I was born and raised in sunny Queensland, but am now happy to call NZ home. I live locally, on a dairy farm with my Kiwi husband and two children who both attend Tauwhare School.

I have a Diploma of Child Care and Education as well as a Bachelor of Education. During my teaching career, I have taught in Australia, England and New Zealand, from Preschool to Yr 10/junior high. I am passionate about education in the early years and believe that play is the work of a child.

Email: liz.brown@tauwhare.school.nz

Welcome to Room 7 2024

2024 - Term 1

Self Portraits

Super Smash Cricket

Room 7 recently enjoyed an exciting cricket workshop hosted by Northern Districts. The SuperSmash Programme focused on fundamental skills such as catching, striking, and throwing, and also included some fun games. 

2023 - Term 4

This term we are becoming familiar with Nursery Rhymes and Fairytales in preparation for our end of year production. We have enjoyed listening to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Humpty Dumpty, and Little Bo Peep, just to name a few. As part of this unit we have been focusing on and learning about rhyming words. We have been working on puzzles that have rhyming pairs and have been making lists of words that rhyme throughout the day.

Bird nest writing

Mrs  G  brought in a bird nest that she had found in her garden. We passed it around, talking about what it felt like and what type of bird might have made it. We then wrote about the nest, published our writing and then created some artwork to go with it to display in our classroom.

2023 - Term 3

100 days of school! In July we celebrated 100 days of learning so far this year! Some of our activities included counting 100 fingers, counting 100 blocks, completing 100 piece puzzles, and doing 100 exercises while counting 

In August Tauwhare School visited Waimakariri Marae. After the Powhiri, we engaged in activities such as string games, Harakeke weaving, Kaitiaki drawings, Titi Torea, and some outside games.  

2023 - Term 2

Scientific Sketches

Recently Room 7 did some very exciting investigating and scientific research. As part of the House of Science kit that our school recieives, we had the opportunity to examine some insects. First we looked at the insects. We talked about the different lines, shapes, colours and measurements of each insect. Next we drew what we saw. We finished by dicussing with our friends the different features that our insect had compared to others.

Anzac Day

As part of our learning around Anzac Day we listened to stories about different animals who were involved in the war, we discussed how we remember and honour those who served, and we created some poppy art to be displayed in our classroom. 

2023 - Term 1

In Room 7 we celebrated the end of Term 1 with a variety of Easter activities! We created giant paper mache Easter Eggs which we painted in beautiful pastel colours, we wrote about what we would do if we were the Easter Bunny, and we used our creativity to make a variety of Easter arts and crafts.

Tabloid Sports!

A big thank you to Mrs Reeve and Room 2 for organising an awesome afternoon of tabloid sports! We had so much fun and learnt some great skills.

Term 3 and 4

V is for volcano!

Room 7 have had an explosive time learning about the letter v.  We had lots of fun in the sandpit building volcanoes, which we then discussed back in the classroom. We brainstormed words that we could use to describe a volcano. Some of these words included: explosion, eruption, larva, red,  bubbling.  We then transferred these fantastic words into our writing

Term 2


Room 7 celebrated Matariki by listening to the story of The Seven Fish of Matariki. We worked together to create a beautiful art display of this story for our classroom. We then used our recall skills to sequence the story in our topic books. We also wrote about our favourite part of Matariki in our writing books.

Click here to see more photos.

Term 1

St John’s visit

In March we had Jess from St John’s visit our school to help us learn about how to stay safe at home and at school. We discussed different things that are in our environment that could be dangerous and what to do when we come across these things. Together we learnt to ask an adult ïs this safe?” when we find objects or items that we are unsure of. 

Welcome to Room 7 2021!

Welcome to another great school year!  

Here are a few ideas on how you can become more interactive with Room 7. 

Room 7 Tauwhare School  

All other communication to myself can be to the email that is listed above.

Kind regards,

Liz Brown

Term 2 2021

To celebrate the arrival of our new classroom pets -  goldfish Star-Fire and Cookie-Plop, Room 7 have created some amazing art work! There were many processes involved in creating these masterpieces and it was completed over many days. First, we followed step by step instructions which helped us to draw each part of the fish. This also involved using positional language such as centre, underneath and on top, to ensure we would draw the fish within the area of the page. The next step was to choose the right shade of orange and gold to illuminate our fish. When the fish were ready we needed to prepare their tank. We did this by using white crayons on white paper to make patterns to emulate ripples in the water and then used blue water colour to paint over the top. We really enjoyed seeing our patterns appear before our eyes! Last touches were to add the colourful pebbles to the bottom of the tank and plants to sway in the water which we created using cotton tip painting and crayons. We hope you enjoy our fish portraits as much as we enjoyed making them.

Matariki Kite

As part of  our whole school Matariki celebrations, each class designed and made a kite to be displayed in the Multipurpose Room.  As a class, Room 7 decided to make a kite using the classic kite shape with the addition of brightly coloured ribbons. Each child contributed to the making of the kite by choosing a colour to weave.

Term 1, 2021

Be Bright, Eat Right!

Magic Show 

We were amazed by a Magic Show that was performed by Vas Kovalski.  Vas Kovalski performed captivating magic tricks to teach our tamariki about healthy food and how to make good choices about what they eat.  

To check out photos of Vas Kovalski's tricks, click on the link below.

Be Bright, Eat Right Magic Show Photos 

Snow making...

Room 7 made 'Snow' as a language experience and then wrote about their encounter of touching the snow.  

Learning Intention: 

Describe the snow.  

"The snow was as white as a cloud" 

"The snow felt fluffy" 

"The snow fell through my fingers" 

"I liked touching the snow"

"The snow felt silky smooth" 

"The snow felt cold"

Term 4, 2020 


Tauwhare children definitely get exposed to a lot of new and exciting learning opportunities. Yesterday we had a cricket teacher come in to teach us cricket skills. Room 7 loved this experience and they enjoyed hitting the balls as far as they could. 

Term 3, 2020

Jump, Jump, Jump!!!!

We have had great fun over the last couple of days, learning how to skip. We are very lucky to be resourced with our very own class set of skipping ropes that fit our individual sizes, perfectly. Check out our ‘action’ camera shots! 


Room 7/8 children have enjoyed a whole day of Art! With Room 3 being empty, we spread ourselves out to make an art piece for our Calendars, which is going to be available for purchase early Term 4. The artwork is looking fabulous. So proud of the children's concentration and effort. Doing an activity like this is great for their fine motor skills as it involves cutting and gluing fiddly little bits. 

Term 1, 2020 

Space Coding -Unplugged 

Working in Peers, we explored this coding activity that was purchased off TpT for $3.75. 

Firstly, I talked about the expectations;

Then, using white board pens, the children drew an arrow in each square to direct the Alien to the Spaceship;

Next, using the arrows that come with the resource, I modelled what needs to happen with the children's involvement;

Lastely, the children placed their own Alien (see at the bottom of the arrow resource) somewhere on the board and then had to use the arrows as well. 

All children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and we all had great fun trying to get the Alien home to his spaceship. 

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

I look forward to 2020!!!

Term 4, 2019


How amazing was production? Madagascar! All children were on form and looked so cute in their little costumes. Room 7 were Penguins, Hippos, Lioness's and Zebras. Thank you so much to all parents for supplying your childs costume. Also, a massive thank you to the parents that came and helped me with face painting and other bits and pieces. Really appreciate it!


On the 24th of October the Juniors went to Tamahere to participate in Athletic Activities. 

Here are more Photos of our fun



Room 7 had so much fun. Some of the activities were;

Sack racing, Moon hopping, balancing balls, throwing vortex's etc


In Room 7 we like to Thread. There are many items we can thread, such as, beads, string and pipe cleaners. 

Wood Work


We are lucky enough to have a wood work table that the children can build on. We have big hammers, saws and nails. Best of all we have hard hats that we get to wear when we are building!

Dress Up

We love to dress up! We have pretty dresses, iron man costumes and handbags, plus many more items. 

Many hours are spent being creative and dressing up. Family play is a hit in Room 7. 

Term 3, 2019

Click on the link below to see other photos.

Fire Wise with Jason

Get Down, 

Get Low, 

Get Out Fast!!!!!!

On Tuesday (27.08.19) we had Jason from the Hamilton Central Fire Station come and talk to us about being Fire Wise. This is a program that we teach every year to make children aware/remind them of how to be safe in the event of a fire. 

Room 7 are seen in the photo to the left, getting down low and getting out of the classroom fast. Jason and Julie.M held up a black blanket to mimic what smoke would be like. The children crawled under it, out the door and ran onto the centre of the field which is the schools safe meeting zone. 

I have encouraged the children to have a discussion at home to find out where their families safe meeting zone is. 

Cross Country

Ready, Set, Go!

Room 7 blew my socks off with how well they ran! I am so proud of them as they tried their best. It is a big paddock and most of them managed to run the whole way. The photo to the left is the 5 Year old boys lining up on the start line and doing their stretches. 

These were the results for Room 7

5 Year Old Boys

1st Jack

2nd Jesse

3rd Marek 

5 Year Old Girls

1st Rory

2nd Clara

3rd Angie-May 

6 Year Old Boys

1st Ezra

2nd Joe

3rd Kyle

6 Year Old Girls

1st Laura.S

2nd Lacey

3rd Sylvie

Zoe and her dog Salt, came to talk to us about Dog safety.

When patting a dog for the first time -

1. Ask the owner if we can pat their dog.

2. Have your hand in a fist with your thumb tucked in and let the dog sniff your hand.

3. If the dog is okay with you, you pat them on the chest.

"Chest is best"

We learnt these cool sayings to protect ourselves

"See a lone dog - leave it alone."

"If a dog is running free - stand like a tree."

"If you fall - roll into a ball."

Term 2, 2019


Room 7 children had great fun this term, learning all about Tennis! We had a guy come in and teach us skills that will support us for when we play tennis. 

Here are more photos.


Hula Hooping Pros!

Term 2's days began by being active! Room 7 enjoyed Hula Hooping with myself for the first week and then the other weeks they went and experienced;

Being active in the morning sets the children up for being energised for the rest of the day. 

Be Careful near the road!

Road Safety Week!

We were very lucky to have Constable Allister come in and teach the Junior syndicate all about road safety. We practiced how to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing in front of our classroom first before we went out onto the road and crossed the real one.

This is what we learnt;

Monday - crossing the road

Tuesday - sneaky driveways

Wednesday - dangerous car parks

Thursday - Road signs

Friday - Safe helmets and seat belts

The children had so much fun on Friday as they were allowed to bring their 'wheels' (bike, scooter etc). 

Click on the link below to see the photos of what we got up to. 



Room 7 have been learning about unplugged coding with a lady called Julia.  For this activity we had to give our 'robot' instructions to get to the elephant without running into the hippo. We were only allowed to give simple instructions such as 1 step forward or turn left/right. The children took turns at listening and following instructions. We had a lot of fun!

See below the link to all the photos.

Term 1, 2019

Brushing our Teeth

Lucy Modelling

Jessie Modelling

On Monday the 1st of April, Room 1 had 'forgotten' how to brush their teeth. It was Room 7's mission to write instructions on how to brush our teeth. Lucy modeled the instructions to Room 7, which was successful and then after we had written our instructions we went to Room 1 and read them aloud to the senior children to see if they could follow the instructions to brush their teeth. Jessie was the senior model and she also successfully brushed her teeth using our instructions. 

See below the photos of this process 

Brushing our teeth 

Happy Lucy


Big grin Kyle


Sarah has little chickens at her house and she very kindly brought them in so that everyone could have a hold. They were so soft. The children were very gentle and nurturing to the chickens. 

See the link below to check if your child had a hold.

Chicken Photos

Rainbow Science

What order should we put our Rainbow bottles in to make a rainbow effect?

"Wow! there is a Rainbow in our sink!"


'Tip out'                                                ' Light'

                                                                             'Fill up'                                                 'Dark'

We took turns to add a colour to the little glass bottle. We had to discuss how much we would add and what the amount did to the shade and density in the bottle. If we had too much, we needed to tip some out and if there wasn't enough colour we had to add some more. 

See below the link of your child participating

Rainbow Science

Rocky Shore Trip

On the 28th of February the whole of Tauwhare school, traveled by bus, out to Raglan. We went to Whale bay and looked at the sea creatures that were nestled in and around the rocks. 

We found Star fish, Crabs of all sizes and colours, Sea Weed and lots of other sea creatures. 

It was such an enjoyable day and the children gained a lot from this experience. 

Please click on the Link to see other photos of the trip.

Rocky Shore Photos


Calendar Art - Our families

Mrs Pickett worked alongside the children to produce stunning drawings of families along with handprints.  They are absolutely gorgeous.

Calendar Art