Room 5

Welcome to Room 5

Room 5 is a class of Year 2 and 3 children at Tauwhare School taught by Mrs Cook. Our class value is curiosity. Children are encouraged to have curiosity about what we are learning and the world around us.

All about me

At the beginning of the year we discovered and learned lots of interesting information about ourselves. Have a look at what we have created.

google drive: All about Me

Room 5's Classroom Treaty

Room 5 discussed what it meant to be in our class and made a shared treaty. We read the Tree hut Treaty picture book and discussed ways that we could make our class a happy and safe place to learn in together. We signed and put our handprints on our treaty.

google drive:Classroom Treaty

Holiday fun

Room 5 wrote a recount about their holidays and put their stories in their sunglasses!

google drive: Holiday Fun

Learning our mihi

We have been learning our own personal mihi. Learning about where we come from. We created a koru pastel drawing to show

our families.

google drive:Koru Art

Winter Poems

The children were learning to develop their writing by including adjectives and stating where and when it happened with Ms Melton.

google drive:Winter Poems

Wearable Arts

The Wearable Arts was a great success. The children were so proud of their outfits. Learning to do their cross-stitch on all of their own costumes was time consuming but very rewarding. They were so proud that they could do the cross-stitch themselves. They loved their mighty shields and colourful beads too.