Out of School Care

Out of School Care 

Tauwhare School are proud to provide an out of school care programme before and after school during the term and a holiday programme throughout the school holidays.


Holiday Programme


Before School Care:

After School Care:

Late Pickup Fee: There is a late fee policy of $15.00 per 15 minutes if your child is consistently picked up late.

Holiday Programme:

Your child will be charged the full price even if they fail to arrive for any reason.  There is a cut off time in which you may cancel your booking (this date is stated on the booking forms).  If you pull out after this date, you will still be charged.

Parents will be invoiced weekly and this invoice will show up on your ASC statement if your child attends BSC/ASC.

Other Information:

Please let the school office or Programme Supervisor know if your child is not going to attend ASC on one of their permanent days.

This is for any reason:

Your child will be expected to do homework most days at ASC.

Please let Out of School Care know if your details have changed, if you want to change the people allowed to collect your children etc...

You can email Paulette on oosc@tauwhare.school.nz or by ringing the school office.