Room 4

I was teaching in Room 7 Term 1 and due to roll growth, we have opened Room 4 for our new tamariki who have turned 5. We are a beautiful small numbered classroom which allows a lot of one-on-one teaching.

Term 2 2021

Olympic Silver medalist - Genevieve Behrent

This morning we listened to a Silver Medalist Olympic Rower, give an amazing talk about determination and striving to achieve your goals. Very inspiring! Anything is possible when you put your mind to it and persevere.


Room 4 has been working very hard to produce a Matariki Kite that will be displayed in the Multi-Purpose Room. Today we presented our kite to the rest of the school. Eden was very brave and tried her best to explain how we made the kite. Please click on the link to watch Room 4 children's presentation.

Term 3 2021

In Room 4 we have a Veterinary Surgery set up in our classroom. This provicational play is to encourage children to use their imaginations and to learn and use the language based around this topic. It is a scene set up with a reception desk, a waiting room, animals and a vet clinic. The children of Room 4 have had a great time pretending and using their imaginations.