Welcome to Room 4

Welcome to Room 4. This year Room 4 is a senior class made up of 22 wonderful Year 4 & 5 children taught by Miss Kylee McCambridge and Ms Sharon Quinn. Miss McCambridge will be teaching Monday to Wednesday and Ms Quinn will be teaching Wednesday to Friday. We have a wonderful year planned with lots of interesting and challenging activities.

Our school focus is Challenges and Opportunities through Science which means we will be Scientists for the year.

Homework is spelling, reading for 20 minutes and Basic Facts

Maths Buddy, e-ako Maths

Kia Ora, I have been teaching for over 30 years and have been at Tauwhare School since 2003. I have taught at all levels of the school but have recently moved into the Year 4-5 area which I love. I am qualified with a Masters of Education (Special Ed), Bachelor of Arts (English & Education), DipTeaching and more recently Google Certified Educator L 1 & 2. At the moment I am working towards my Apple Teacher and Google Trainer qualifications. My passions in teaching are Digital Technologies as I thoroughly enjoy the exciting visual projects which the children can create to show their learning and I also love Literacy; if I can join Literacy with Digital then I am super excited. I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren, enjoy gardening especially my roses and I am also learning to play the guitar with the children at school. As well as being one of the teachers in Room 4 I am also the Deputy Principal and Lead IT teacher.

Hi my name is Kylee McCambridge. I studied at Otago University, my qualifications are a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Teaching. I have been lucky enough to teach at Tauwhare School for a number of years now. I have taught in the junior and senior school, I am reading recovery trained and while I enjoy teaching all areas of learning I especially love teaching Maths and Physical Education. I have one daughter who is now two and my passion is horse riding which started from growing up on a farm in Central Otago.


Science Roadshow - Term 3

In Room 4 we have been conducting many experiments using kitchen ingredients as our chemicals and having a lot of fun 'blowing things up'. Each student chose one experiment to perfect and learn more deeply about using the Scientific method in preparation for our Senior School Science Roadshow. Have a look at our videos and Google slides presentations showcasing our experiments. The students will be turning their videos into iMovie presentations to explain the science behind the experiment.

Google slides (stil being completed)

Science Roadshow videos

Bubbles - Term 3

Room 4 had a great deal of fun and excitement blowing bubbles and playing with bubbles. Some students could blow bubbles within bubbles, they could make bubble families and bubble milkshakes. In all our bubble play we learned about the science of bubbles, how they were formed, why they always revert to a sphere and why they pop. Enjoy our photos of our bubble play and our beautiful bubble poems. Following soon will be our videos using Keynote and greenscreening to explain our learning.

Bubble Fun

Bubble Poems

First Rain - Term 2

Our focus for this piece of writing was to use personification when writing about the rain. We made some stormy artwork to go with it using crayons, dye and black paper.

First Rain Writing

Stormy Artwork

Autumn - Term 2

This term we have written a poem about autumn using our senses and then created some lovely autumn artwork using autumn colours and drawing autumn leaves.

Autumn Art

Autumn Writing

Term 2 - All About Me

The children wrote some beautiful descriptive pieces about themselves at the beginning of the year, so using Pixaloop, they animated images and then in Clips they have joined their animated images into a video and have narrated their descriptions. This is a great example of the app smashing we do in Room 4 and the integration of Digital Technologies with Literacy and Oral Language to produce a digital product.

Watch our videos here

Term 1 - Raglan Rocky Shore Art and Animated Art

The children drew some beautiful pieces of art using chalk pastels and the techniques of smudging and mixing colour. The Art is stunning but then Stevie-Lee suggested that we animate the art using pixaloop. The results are brilliant. Check out our work here.

Chalk pastel art

Pixaloop animated art

Read our Recounts of the school trip and also our reports on a sea creature.

Term 1 - My Favourite Place

To begin the year the students wrote a description about their favourite place for a holiday. We published using Google Docs, then copied it to Apple Pages, inserted a photo behind and then recorded the audio to practise our prosody (reading aloud fluently). Ms Quinn then published the work as an electronic, audio book. Click the link below to enjoy our book.

My Favourite Place

Term 1 - Statistics and Probability

This term we have been focusing on statistics and probability. All the children have learnt to collect, display and interpret data using tally charts, bar graphs, dot plot graphs, line graphs, stem and leaf graphs and pictographs.

This week we have worked in groups of three, they had to decide on a question, collect the data using a tally chart, display the data using a graph that will best represent the data they collected and then interpret the data by asking and answering questions.

Here is the groups projects.

Term 1 - Computational Thinking and Guinea Pig Mazes

Room 4 have 2 beautiful guinea pigs in the classroom so we decided to use them as part of our coding and computation thinking project uisng mazes to work out directions. The students designed their own maze as a maths activity, wrote the directions, used coding symbols to write the directions, built a full size gunea pig maze in their house groups and used the Code & Go Mouse to check their instructions. check out our photos and videos of our work.

Watch Scruffy find his way through the mazes, Orio was not interested at all.

Code & Go Mouse testing and debugging

We have also learned about the language computers use to 'speak' called Binary and have had fun learning how to solve codes using binary patterns.

Term 1 - Self-Portraits

This term we started with painting our self-portraits. We took photos of ourselves of our upper half and then from the photo we painted ourselves. We had to first sketch ourselves then paint. We did the painting in stages. We all had a lot of fun and we are pleased with the end product. You can view them here or in the classroom.



What is Rain?

We looked at a beautifully illustrated cameo called 'What is Wind?' and decided to write our own poems titled, 'What is Rain?' in rcognition of all the rain we have had in the last month. Have a look at our beautifully illustrated and published poems. We used Google Drawings to publish our writing inside the rain shapes. What is Rain?

How a child can make your day!

I arrived at school today to be greeted with a beautifully written letter which I just have to share with you all. It is working with children, being appreciated by them and the lovely things they say about us as teachers that really does make teaching a very rewarding career.

Narrative links to Book Creator


Room 4 were very busy writing narratives in Term 2. In Term 3 we began using an app called Book Creator to publish our stories online. Click on the photos in the doc to access the book, then click on the speaker to listen to the author read their story to you. As our books are finished they will be added to the doc.

Please enjoy our writing, the children have worked very hard as authors, illustrators and narrators.

App smashing for Matariki

In Term 2 we began app smashing to retell our Matariki legend the Seven Star Fishes. The art work was produced using ArtRage, the movement on the screen of all the characters was done using Explain Everything and then we imported it all into iMovie for the narration and sound effects to complete the story. The children have worked really hard on their project and it has taken one and a half terms to complete. Click ont he link below to enjoy their movies.

Matariki movies


The children in Room 4 did drama with Mrs Robinson last week. They acted out the story of 'The Fish of Maui' in groups of 3.

Here are the clips. We hope you enjoy.

The Fish of Maui

Jabberwocky - by Lewis carroll

For those parents who missed our performance on Thursday for Grandparent's Day I have attached our dress rehearsal performance for your pleasure. I am so impressed and proud of the children with their enthusiasm and dedication in learning the very difficult and nonsensical words in the poem. I think you will agree they have done an awesome job.


Autumn poems

All the children wrote a fantastic poem about Autumn. They used their senses to describe what autumn is like to them. We hope you enjoy.

Autumn Poems

Mood writing and art

We were learning to write about our feelings using similes and then we created a colourful piece of art to go with our feelings. These are displayed on the wall in the classroom.



2018 Self-Portraits and Descriptive Writing

Room 4 have been working hard on drawing and painting themselves. From a photo showing movement they had to sketch themselves then they painted their self-portrait. They had to mix colours and think about which colours would make their self-portrait stand out against the back ground. We think they look amazing, I am sure you will think the same. All the children have also written a description about themselves. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Self Portraits

All about Me

Holiday Writing

We started the year with Ms Quinn setting the challenge to complete our first piece of writing straight onto the chromebooks using Google docs. We planned our writing as a personal recount and then used google docs where we learned how to make capital letters, speech marks, paragraphs, how to rightclick to correct our spelling and also to insert a photo of the place we had spent our holiday. Ms Quinn thinks we did a great job.

Please follow this link to read their beautiful writing: Holiday Writing

Statistics - Graphing

To start the new year Room 4 have been gathering information about our holidays to learn how to make graphs (charts) using Google sheeets. We have learned how to setup a spreadsheet and then to insert a variety of appropriate graphs to suit the information. By using all the chart options we learned which ones showed our information in a useful way and those which were of no use at this time.

By reading the graphs we were able to answer questions and make statements.

Take a look at our graphs on this link : Gathering Information

Life Cycles

We started looking at Life Cycles of a variety of animals as we knew the Water Cycle and the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly but Ms Quinn challenged us to find out about the life cycle of an animal that we did not know anything about. We used reference books to find out the basic information and then we added detail by researching on the internet. We used Google Drawings to format the life cycle and to insert an image behind. One the 'paper based' information was completed and we understood the life cycle we used Puppet-edu App on the iPads to use images and our understanding to make a video of the Life Cycle.

Take a look at our Google Drawings here

Life Cycle videos