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Blink Spell

One of our students is demonstrating the very successful method she is using to learn her spelling words.  The method of repeating the word and its spelling, combined with continuous blinking serves to send a photographic image of the word to the brain.  Watch the video and help your child learn their spelling.

Using this method Esperance can learn and maintain up to 40 words per week.

Method: Spell out the word letter by letter, then say the word -10 times, then looking at the word, blink 20 times, spell the word out letter by letter once more, say the word then move to the next word.


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Teaching and learning in health and physical education is helping students to:

Health and Physical Education Implemention Plan

Spelling Lists

At Tauwhare School we follow Gaye Byers Word Works Programme and the Essential Lists from the New Zealand Curriculum. All the spelling lists are attached here so you can help your child learn their spelling words.  Remember that spelling is a written skill, so practise writing the words as well as spelling aloud.

Spelling Lists

Essential Spelling Lists (Senior School)