Hillcrest Kāhui Ako

Hillcrest Kāhui Ako

Tauwhare School are proud to be part of the Hillcrest Kahui Ako along with eight other schools from primary to middle school and high school.

You can link to our Kahui Ako website here and view our Kahui Ako Leaders here.

Hillcrest Kāhui Ako - Vision

  • Ensuring successful transition from ECE to primary, primary to intermediate, intermediate to high school and the range of pathways from there.
  • Equity. All learners experiencing success regardless of background, culture and gender. Tackling our tail of underachievement and making sure that this is more than a target.
  • Accelerated progress / achievement... Recognition of learner assets- we need to consider the research of Claxton, Robinson, Costa and Treadwell to prepare students for their futures.
  • Positive Community connections... (what we want them to see, hear and feel).
  • Setting up learners for success for their futures.
  • We want the learners of the Community of Learning to experience success in their futures. ‘Success’ means that our learners have options for their lives beyond school. We believe options come from having clear pathways from which they can choose their future direction.

Hillcrest Kāhui Ako - Beliefs and Values

We believe that the focus of the first two years of the Kāhui Ako should be in continuing to build relational trust throughout all levels of the community and in forming systems that will ensure success for all.

We believe the role of the Kāhui Ako is to create a coherent pathway focused on empowering lifelong learners for success in their lives. The question - ‘What does it mean to act as a community?’ has driven dialogue between leaders.

We all know the power of when teachers in a school identify and own all students in the school - imagine the power of this collective responsibility across schools.

Collectively, we have formed a shared vision of success for our learners.