Room 3

W e l c o m e T o R o o m 3

Laughter, vibrancy and smiles flood the classroom walls daily in Room 3! With 15 Year 4 and 5 students there is never a dull moment or personality when you walk through our door - if you don't believe us just pop in and see for yourselves! Our classroom door is always open to new guests, whanau and friends.

Looking forward to seeing you all visit Room 3! If you can't make it then take a look at what learning journeys we have been on in the links below . . .

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Behind The Closed Door

This term we have been extremely engaged in our Narrative Writing! Check out this piece of Writing here, that we used from this prompt :

'Every day you pass a door. It’s always closed and locked. One day, as you pass, you notice that the door is open. You step inside. Write a story about what was on the other side of that door.'

Fish of Maui

Mrs Robinson has been working on some dance and drama snippets from Maori Myth and Legends this term! Here is our latest one telling the story of the Maui pulling the Islands up to form NZ.

ANZAC Answers

In Room 3 we had lots of curiosity around what ANZAC means, why is it celebrated, what do you do on ANZAC day, etc. So Mrs McLeay decided we should explore and research about it as a class. Have a look here at the ANZAC Scavenger Hunt we researched and put all the pieces together about the history, stories, symbols and services for the ANZAC's! We also got to have a go at making our very own ANZAC biscuits after finding out that they were one of the only sweet things the soldiers got sent! We couldn't believe they went that long without ice-cream!

Pink Shirt Day

This was such an awesome day in Room 3 as we had almost EVERYONE come to school in Pink! It was to help support Anti-Bullying and let us talk closely about our experiences being bullied or hurt by other people's words. Check out some of our amazing personal recounts we wrote about what it is like being the victim and what goes on inside that no-one else can see.

Get Writing

Mrs McLeay organised an awesome collab with another school all the way in Whangarei that we got to write postcards too, and they wrote us back! It was so cool to see what other kids wrote about and read about the amazing things they have and do at their school!

Grandparents Day

Have a look here at all the fun and crazy antics we got up to with our Grandparents! We can not wait for the next Grandparents Day! Maybe next time we could win the knucklebone competition ...

Visual Mihi's

We have been working hard on crafting our Mihi's with our families at home and thought that we could transform them into a visual representation. So we looked at the different Maori traditional symbols and patterns and identified which ones were significant to us and why - then sketched and pieced them together to form our own Visual Mihi's.

Have a look at our special pieces of art here.

Coding with Colby

In Room 3 we have been looking at Coding! Using the apps and programmes on the iPads and Chromebooks have been amazing but when we found out we could use our mouse 'Colby' and create our own code and mazes for him ... well we all went crazy! It was so much fun and we had an absolute BLAST! Check out our Successes and Bloopers here!

Kiwiana Crazy

The Arts and Citizenship are a big focus for us this year and thought that we would love to start the year of with looking at an Artist from NZ! So we found Dick Frizzell and thought he was pretty clever in how he paints and the bright colours he uses! So we put together a collection of Kiwiana Icons and made our own dedicated art pieces inspired by Dick Frizzell! Come in and be blown away by the detail and colour we have used! Click here to see some close ups!

Our Sizzling Summer

Looking back on our Summer Holidays we decided to piece together the emotions, feelings and memories that reminded us of Summer and put them into a poem which we Hand Published into our funky jandals we designed! Check them out here!

I Am

Poetry and Collage were a focus for us the start of Term One as we explored how we look at ourselves and how we could explain our personalities, hobbies and favourite parts of ourselves through collage. For this activity we used magazines in which we cut out and collaged words that we felt described these parts of ourselves. Take a look at what we put together!

Our Recipe for a Great Year

In Room 3 we share the love of kai and baking! So we used the model of a recipe card for our Class Treaty. We decided the correct amount of cups, teaspoons and dashes of ingredients we would need to help us make a great year! Come in a check it out!

Self Portraits

For our Self Portraits this year we looked closely at detail and proportion as we sketched our faces. You would have laughed like we did at how high we put our ears and how small we drew our noses! But we got it sorted and used mixed-mediums to complete our masterpieces and emphasise our features - such as tempura paint, watercolour, oil pastel, chalk pastel and wax crayons. Pop in and have a look for yourself or click here if you can't make it in!